Surrounding area


One of the most popular festivals of the area is Elimnia. This is a series of cultural events involving the counties of Mantoudi-Limni-St. Anna, taking place from mid-July to the 15th August. This festival presents events such as dance and music nights, theatrical shows, documentary projections, book presentations, sports games, visual arts events and many more.

A Halloween party takes place on the last Sunday of Apokries with music, dancing and food in the central square of Rovies.

The traditional Koulouma are celebrated on Clean Monday, on Hercules beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of Rovies.

Other events include the festival in honour of Apostles Peter and Paul on the 29th June in Rovies and the festival of the Saviour at the Monastery of St. David on the 6th August.


The surrounding area is ideal for a variety of activities, including scuba diving*, windsurfing, sailing, fishing, spear-fishing, hiking, biking and mountain climbing. Nature lovers will find themselves in a unique environment, which ideally combines sea, mountain and forest.

*The Lihadonisia Diving Center is located in N. Evoia, in the St. George-Lihada municipality (, +306937110782, +306945705467)


During your stay in Rovies, do not forget to visit:

The Tower of Rovies. This is a Venetian observatory that was rescued and, following the Invasion of Constantinople served as home to the local Turkish land-owner.
The healing spring of Edipsos. The warm, healing springs of Edipsos have been known since ancient times for their healing powers in a number of ailments, mostly arthritis and sciatica.
The healing springs of Ilia. These springs have a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius and run at practically sea level. The village of Ilia is part of the municipality of Edipsos and is at a distance of approximately 10 minutes from Rovies.
Drymonas Waterfall. The waterfall can be found in one of the most beautiful mountainous areas of Telethrio. The route that leads to the waterfall is exceptionally scenic and once there, you will witness the majestic waterfall where the water falls 15 meters into a beautiful pond.
The Stone Cherry Forest and Museum of Mammal Fossils. Both of these can be found in the Kerasia area and were only recently discovered. In the forest, you will be given a rare opportunity to see fossils of plants, whereas the Museum houses fossils of fauna.
Limni is the capital of the Municipality of Elimnia. It is a beautiful, calm and graphic village, right by the sea, built on a hill with panoramic view. It combines the blue beauty of the Evoia gulf with the rich green shades of the surrounding area, resembling an island of the Cyclades.
The folklore and historical museum of Limni. This is one of the most organised museums of Evoia. It contains such artefacts as the historical documents of Limni, the archaeological collection of Limni and elements of the local folklore, including ancient vessels, a coin collection, architectural fragments and tombstone inscriptions from the classic, hellenic and roman periods.


The sacred Temple of Saint John the Russian
It is dedicated to Saint John the Russian and is located at Prokopi Evoias, where every day a big number of religious pilgrims visit the sacred relic of the Saint. His memory is celebrated on May 27th with religious manifestations.

The monastery of Osios David
It is located over Kalamoudi village (Municipality of Elymnia) and is dedicated to the Metamorphosis of the Saviour. The miraculous censer of Osios David and his epitrahelion (of Russian origin)and other precious relics are kept in the temple of the monastery.

The Galataki Monastery
It is dedicated to Saint Nicolas and is located near Limni, 200 meters above sea level. The Galataki Monastery used to be a monks’ monastery but since 1946 it was converted into a nunnery.

The monastery of Saint George, the church of Zoodochou Pigis and the monastery of Agia Irini Chrysovallantou.